Lauren is 8, first hair cut, broken arm

Lauren's birthday party was pizza at the park with her friend Emery and my brothers' family.  We let off sky lanterns, like in the Tangled movie, it was so much fun.  We didn't get ANY pictures of the sky lanterns, but the kids each got to decorate their own and let one off.  They are several feet tall with a fire ball inside, so we scared the park security officers and only got 3 successfully flying out of 10... but they were pretty to watch.
 This is Caleb's "before" picture, I know it is super dark, sorry.  We had only done minimal ear and neck trims up until this point.  I was anxious to try my hand at cutting boys hair.
 This is the "after." 

Bryn and Madelyn spend most of their days outside jumping on, off, and around things in the backyard.  This water barrel has been a recent obstacle course toy, but more recently, the cause for a broken arm. 
 Bryn and Madelyn tried to jump off the barrel onto the mini trampoline holding hands together, and somehow Bryn managed to break both of the bones in her forearm.  We went through a pink cast, had it dripping wet from the elbow down thanks to her hand washing. It slid off while we tried to blow/towel dry it.  Then she had a red cast that she was so excited about.  That just came off this week and she is good as new.  5 kids, and this is our first ER visit and broken bone.

Katlyn has been very busy practicing her dance routines every day and participating in every extra club, fundraiser, etc. at school.  I only have video clips of her dancing, no pics-sorry.  Caleb is no longer drooling everywhere, but until he starts walking he is just a big dust mop.  He has 8 teeth now and loves to say easy words and put the basketball in the hoop (over-the-door one).  He is a happy baby and very cuddly.  Madelyn can't wait for her 5th birthday in a few weeks.  I hope it lives up to her expectations...  Lauren gets baptized this weekend and is so excited to have that special day with family coming in to be there for her.

 Here is the troop:

Note to blogger: find a new uploader, if there is more than one picture at a time it FREEZES.  Very discouraging.


Toni said...

Poor Bryn. All of your kids look super adorable.

James and Laura Neibaur said...

This is what I've been waiting for!